Welcome to Security Chains and Locks Dot Com. My name is Charles, and in August 2016 I discovered and started selling the best and strongest chains in the world. The Pewag and Laclede square link security chains. These chains are unlike any other chain available. I’m sure most people have never heard of ‘square’ link security chain.

The square link chain has a big advantage over the round link chain that everyone is familiar with. For starters, square links are much stronger than round links. And second, square links make it virtually impossible to cut with bolt cutters. And that makes it the perfect deterrent against low life thieves, including professional ones.

The two square link security chain brands I sell are Pewag (manufactured in Austria), and Laclede (manufactured in Missouri). Pewag is one of  the oldest chain manufacturers in the world. And Laclede Chain Manufacturing Company has origins dating back to 1854, making them the oldest domestic chain manufacturer.

There’s not another security link chain on the planet stronger than both Pewag or Laclede. These chains are perfect for keeping bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, trailers, gates, garages, warehouse doors, etc., secure. And both brands are electro-galvanized which resist corrosion against all types of weather. It’s the best type to own.

I sell all four sizes of these electro-galvanized square link chain. The smallest is the 9/32 (1/4″) (7mm), next size up is the 3/8″ (10mm), then the larger 7/16″ (12mm), and finally the massive 1/2″ (13mm), a chain on steroids. More specific details on each size chain can be found on the links above. Also I sell chains that have heavy duty, protective sleeve covers. These are perfect for protecting paint and metal on motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, etc. No one else online offers Pewag/Laclede chains like this.

Now that I have this website, I hopefully can promote these chains to people who are not eBay members. No other chain compares to the strength and quality of  Pewag and Laclede chains. There is no doubt that I offer a chain that will fit every persons needs. Protecting your valuable property should be a serious business. And these chains are indeed serious security.

Since 2003, I’ve been a trusted eBay seller with a 100% feedback rating on over 440+ transactions. You can see my reviews here: http://www.ebay.com/usr/neonguy1956

People can always be assured of quality products, along with the very best customer service. Always going above and beyond is what I’ve always done. I hope everyone will look at the Pewag and Laclede chains, chain sleeves, and Laclide locks I sell. Remember, if your property, whether it has wheels or not, is important to you, these chains and locks are what you should have. Protecting your valuable property is serious business, and these products will give you complete piece of mind. Thanks for seeing.